UK based creative agency scaled their packaging production

The Challenge

A Multi-Channel Creative Production Agency, recognised by many in the sector as being one of the leaders in its field, needed a trusted partner who could provide support in high volume packaging production all while maintaining their high quality standards and brand values.

Based in the UK, the firm provides high-quality marketing materials and packaging management services to global brands to enable them to stand out and grow. They needed to keep the production efficient and responsive to the ever-changing industry needs.

The EKCS Solution

The whole journey started as a transactional, project-based work. As the partnership grew, so did the scope. The solution offered included:

  • Scalable Staffing to manage peaks and troughs – With a pool of cross-trained internal resources, sudden high-volume deliveries to tight timelines were executed quite efficiently and effectively. The offshore team could provide flexibility and work around the clock including weekends to ensure production was delivered.
  • Continuous Training for different production tools & processes – EKCS trained the whole offshore team in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, as well as ESKO tools to meet the brand guidelines and timelines. EKCS also integrated a workflow system into the existing system on the client site. This ensured planning, collaboration and delivery ran easily between offshore and onshore departments.
  • Account management & reporting – The account management team played a crucial role — daily, weekly and monthly review processes were established along with metrics and scorecards for improved production insights and seamless outsourcing.

The Results

EKCS has worked with the client as their strategic partner by executing their transformational change. Results included:

  • Increased volume of work for EKCS and revenue by over 500% compared to the first year of working
  • Reduced waste by 30%
  • There was less rejected output
  • Through established quality control at EKCS, less quality testing was needed at the client premises
  • More dependability and reliability
  • Service Level Agreements were continuously met and expectations were regularly exceeded
  • Ongoing work with the client for multiple years — an average of 16,000 hours per year with a dedicated team of 15+ resources


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