Last Friday, when I asked one of our employees why he hadn’t left for the day while all the others had already gone, he replied “my client is stuck in a traffic jam in London but once she reaches her office, she will explain her requirements in detail. So I’m staying on to complete the job.”

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Though there are no set formulae to motivate team members, committed staff are most successful when allowed to bring their own methods into play. A real sense of client ownership – so hard to attain when separated by 4,000 miles and differing cultures – keeps teams focused and motivated. High-performing teams, who can deliver quality work whilst meeting client agreements, really need to know their clients well.

Besides the different ‘Employee Recognition Programs’ in which they participate, EKCS teams remain directly in touch with the client to understand their needs in a personal way. Our methods have helped create a healthy worker-friendly environment where employees love to work and grow. These guys are ever-ready to accept challenging assignments, which they invariably complete in style.

The success of this ‘know your customer’ approach is measured by our ability to attract highly talented employees who like to stay with us. In the recent ‘Long Service Awards’, nearly 35% of our employees were eligible for a recognition that they had served the organization for over five years now. Not bad for a business that has grown so dramatically over recent years.

So just because our customers might be late due to traffic, it doesn’t mean your work will have to be, too.

Onkarjot Singh

Staff Writer

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