Like anything worthwhile in life, brands take time to mature. “Brand creation for a company is like its reputation — it builds over a period of time”, says Vijaybahu Joshi, Design Head at Express KCS.  Joshi has strong views about retaining brand identity in traditional media and how to adapt it for digital media.

“Brands benefit from delivering their messages to their audience via the ever-multiplying digital platforms. Consumers still learn however to trust a brand via their experience with it and the context within which they see it. Those who already have that feeling of trust and respect are very likely to accept it in new, digital forms. For example digital editions of ‘The Economist’  or ‘Glamour’ still carry on the brand integrity of their print counterpart.

A brand supports the personality of its associated business, so it is still important that marketers are true to it when the success of their business depends on the use of the latest technologies. This means that careful thought needs to be applied to how brands are expressed on any new platform.

 So adapting a brand identity created for traditional media into digital needs to follow a scientific approach. Traditionally, one needs to understand the core values, vision, technology and guidelines in place that drive the organization. None of this will change when stepping into the world of digital marketing. It remains important that all brand owners think about their long term goals while retaining their original essence. 

 “So, even with lightning fast, one-to-many and many-to-many communications, brands cannot be created in a day “says Joshi. 

Onkarjot Singh

Staff Writer

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