I recently visited Express KCS global headquarters in Gurgaon, New Delhi for the first time to see how the print and digital work of Sun Media is being produced, and to meet the design team. Having not travelled outside of Canada before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was a very interesting trip!

It was great to meet the design and production teams producing our newspaper adverts and to spend time with them face to face. I found Express KCS to be very forward thinking and proactive towards creating innovative new ideas and applications. I can really see how the company is working in partnership with its clients to develop new service applications, which will generate new revenue streams for publishers and help us provide an extension of digital services to compliment our print products.

Design Director, Vijaybahu Joshi really impressed me with his “Science of Design” presentation showing all the hard work and research that Express KCS has put into developing a design language to share with their teams. All this should really help in providing a common thread to communicate design ideas through print and digital ads.

The office culture appeared to have a really strong team focus, and there were lots of monthly design competitions and friendly board games, which the teams would play together in the staff canteen on the rooftop in their breaks. And there was lots of buzz about the internal cricket league as cricket is taken very seriously in India!*

All in all a really successful trip giving me lots of food for thought. The mild spring climate was a pleasant change from the cold of Canada and I’m hoping to get back there again soon!

Chris Creswell

Offshore Traffic Coordinator

Sun Media (Canada)

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