Express KCS Inc. has released MediaFerry version 4.0, the front end of the cloud-based workflow system for managing creative projects, which has over 3,000 users. MediaFerry has been completely rebuilt with a set of new features including remote proofing for tablet and mobile devices.

The MediaFerry workflow system is designed for brand owners, agencies and publishers to manage deadline sensitive print and digital creative production projects. Through a secure login from any desktop, tablet or mobile device, users can view, mark-up, approve and publish all advertising and marketing projects via a simple interface. 

MediaFerry version 4.0 boasts a host of new features for an even faster and smoother workflow. Highlights of the new release include:

  • Completely redesigned user interface with user-friendly navigation menus and ready to view guidebook;

  • Users can access artwork proofs in their personal queue and review, mark-up, reject or approve projects;

  • Manage and proof jobs through desktop, mobile or tablet devices;

  • Instant access to historical artwork or quick revision changes for future campaigns;

  • Support for print, video and animated projects including frame-by-frame mark up;

  • Improved download speeds of artwork files for final production.

MediaFerry was developed to serve as the customer front-end interface to the Express KCS StudioOnline job management system. StudioOnline is accessed by media professionals worldwide to manage and track the production workflow of advertising and marketing projects in progress at Express KCS creative production studios.

Robert Berkeley, CEO, Express KCS said: “Our customers should be able to manage all their creative campaigns from any browser and be able to communicate with all the stakeholders involved. New MediaFerry delivers this and further narrows the gap between the marketer and their creative production studio.”

MediaFerry 4.0 is being rolled out at no additional cost to all existing StudioOnline users and will also be available as part of their standalone workflow platform.

About Express KCS

Express KCS Inc. is a global, independent provider of creative production services across print, online, mobile and video platforms. The company provides print and digital advertisement production, creative design, pre-media, editorial support services, website and app development, and video post production for brand owners, retailers, newspaper and magazine publishers, agencies and partners in North America and Europe.  Express KCS is ISO 9001 certified and employs 600 people across three production centers in India. For more information visit


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