US based insurance company explores an offshore resource model

A US-based Life Insurance Company wanted to reduce its dependency on freelance resources, its costs and to ‘cautiously’ explore a partial offshore resource model.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to explore offshore resource model. They were looking for faster turnarounds and to consolidate their multiple, individual resource partners. Initially, they chose to work with us on a six month pilot, and they chose to select Tier 3-4 print / digital work. It started with low volumes, around 50 jobs per month and scaled over time.

The EKCS Solution

Onboarding included staff background checks, establishing workflow, granting server access and allowing project management software access. As their chosen trusted production partner we also completed a statement of work, established service level agreements (SLAs), and implemented quality control assurances prior to the six month pilot commencing. 

  • A dedicated full time offshore team was recruited alongside a dedicated Account Manager. 
  • Steering group/weekly calls / monthly reviews implemented to ensure projects were delivered on time. 
  • EKCS team quickly enabled the brands’ in-house agency (IHA) to focus more on higher-value creative work, bring costly creative agency work back in-house and significantly reduce freelancers’ headcount.

The Results

A designated, ring-fenced full time employee (FTE) offshore print and digital team with scalability has provided cost savings, faster speed to market for the client’s IHA teams, and for them to embrace offshore resources within their model. 

  • Work delivered within EKCS’ culture of “right first time” has reduced faster revision and turnaround times. This has also reduced the IHA creative production costs. 
  • The seamless interaction with the client’s workflow system and asset servers has led to the gradual increase of volumes and scope (Tier 2).
  • Brand consistency and accuracy across multiple collateral has been improved – fewer people are involved and a niche, brand-savvy and consistent team understands the brand.
  • Speed to market has been increased significantly as our in-house team work around the clock on production alongside reduced costs. 

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