National World reduced costs by 70% with MediaFerry eVouchering as their advertising tracking system.

National World (formerly JPI Media) is one of the largest national, regional and local multimedia organizations in the UK. 

The Challenge

Direct clients and media buyers who were advertising in National World publications wanted to see their advertisements once placed. Advertising sales executives would need to locate the advertisements – many running across multiple publications. Not only does this take time, but with postage costs increasing and the sheer number of publications, this process is no longer cost-effective. 

The Solution

The media company needed a reliable, easy to use and cost-effective solution that would enable their advertising clients to access their published advertisements. National World had access to a basic, but costly system that tracked advertising. It was clunky and difficult to use.

The EKCS cloud-based workflow system MediaFerry has an eVouchering function that makes it easy to access proof of advertising. This works for both newspapers and magazines. All the advertisers’ information is brought together and highlights where the adverts appear in the publications. 

With MediaFerry eVouchering, a simple feed is set up from the booking system with information that includes:

  • the customer name
  • advert size
  • position in the publication (x and y coordinates)  

Whole publications can also be viewed, not just the adverts. There are a couple of systems on the market that track advertising placements for publications. Yet many publishers are leaving these systems due to the high costs and poor customer experience brought about by the lack of investment over the years. 

The eVouchering option from MediaFerry is: 

  • Easier to use than other tracking systems
  • Works for all formats – newspapers, magazines and digital 
  • Extremely user friendly with a customizable dashboard
  • Intuitive to use without the need for training
  • Quick set up 
  • A low-cost system 
  • Can link to an invoicing system (feature coming soon) 
  • Easy access via mobile phone, tablet or desktop

The solution works for all the main stakeholders:

  • Publishers see all data alongside every publication including the advertiser name, publications, insertion position and dates. 
  • Advertisers can see the exact position of where their adverts appeared by logging into their publisher’s account. They can share a link to the advertisement to share with coworkers. 
  • Agencies can have log-in access to use eVouchering. This enables them to see all their client bookings, insertion positions and publications. 

“We already partner with EKCS for our creative production outsourcing, so when we spoke to them about helping to solve our advertising tracking and vouchering requirements, we were confident they would find a solution. And they did. Not only is MediaFerry Vouchering reliable and easy to use, the solution is extremely cost-effective. It has exceeded our expectations and all stakeholders have embraced it.” Chris Sanderson, National World.

The Results

National World has reduced costs by using eVouchering and now pay only a third of what they paid on their old advertising tracking system. Time is now freed-up for media sales executives and advertisers have immediate access to locating their adverts. 

Not only is eVouchering a timesaver saving the publisher money, but it removes barriers for accounts payable. A client can delay payment for advertising by demanding to see a physical copy. With MediaFerry eVouchering this is no longer the case. With a 13-month archive, older advertisements can also be located. 

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