Big Four US accounting firm saves time and money with end-to-end audio/video editing and animation


The Challenge

One of the Big Four firms required a creative production partner who could provide end-to-end video post-production support that included scripting, illustration, storyboarding, editing, animation, motion graphics, voiceovers, podcasts, closed captioning, transcreation and content repurposing. Additionally they also wanted faster turnaround times and the confidentiality of all projects.

The EKCS Solution

With the head of the in-house agency (IHA) as a primary contact, EKCS used a dedicated video team for this client. At the start of our engagement, the accounts, operations and video teams set up weekly conference calls. These meetings were supported by ‘Google Drive’ file transfers and a brand training session with the client’s stakeholders.

  • To further streamline the workflow, we onboarded a bespoke team to MediaFerry, our in-house workflow management tool, and integrated it with our client’s ‘Workfront’ using APIs to manage creative production projects.
  • Designated onshore / offshore Account Managers worked with the team to manage projects and liaise with the EKCS offshore video team. 
  • Ongoing weekly video progress calls were implemented.


The Results

Initially, EKCS worked on individual video projects – mainly video editing and animation using our client’s storyboards. The scope and volumes have increased to include storyboards, illustrations, voiceovers, translations, closed captioning, and podcasts in over 20 languages. Originally EKCS only carried out work for the US firm, but countries now include the UK, Mexico, Australia and Canada. As a trusted partner, our client has benefitted from access to a growing team, round-the-clock support and cost savings.

  • A growing team: As the partnership has grown, so has the team – from two to nine full-time employees (FTEs). These are utilised as video producers, animators and editors. Video post-production has faster turnaround times and consequently provides much-needed scalability to our client’s current teams.
  • Cost savings: These have been achieved for the brand by drastically improving the way work is allocated. Client costs have been reduced, and previous mistakes around the use of in-house / freelance resources have been avoided. As part of a five-year strategic partnership, a designated full-time offshore audio-visual team has enabled scalability and cost savings to our client’s in-house team.


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