Without virtually no public education, the uptake of QR codes has proved that consumers want to click on print ads in the same way as they do on mobile phones. But there are problems with this now rather passé technology. QR codes are insecure, rather ugly and use up valuable space on advertisements or brochures. Further they are hard for publishers to set up for their advertisers.

Linkz is a better way to achieve the same thing.

So…imagine you run an ad that readers can scan with a free app on their mobile phone – which then allows them to Tweet, share or even buy what’s being advertised! Not only that, you can order this from EKCS and have the ad encoded and a microsite created without impacting production deadlines. Further, you can watch in real time which ads are being scanned by readers and how often.

Express KCS has announced a partnership with Linkz, so that any advertising or catalog artwork that comes through our studios can be Linkz-encoded. This means you can make your newspaper, magazine or brand advertisements truly interactive, and track the analytics. The cost is minimal but the effect is profound.

QR codes showed the way, but Linkz will set the course! Check out www.linkz-im.com for more info.

Download the free Linkz app now (Android or iOS app store) and scan the below advert to see how it works.

Robert Berkeley

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