Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is increasingly being used nowadays. If you’re a media or publishing company and you’re not investing in this, you could be missing out. And, with the right production partner, this advanced form of advertising is easy to do. 

Data-driven creative and marketing solutions such as DCO enable publishers to improve ROI for their advertisers. Keeping advertising clients happy can be a challenge, but now there is something more advanced you can offer them. Real personalized content that speaks to their customer base, in real-time. There is a direct correlation between personalized ads and sales. A study by Epsilon indicates 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase if a brand provides a customized experience. 

DCO increases campaign efficiency by showing personalized adverts based on data about the viewer. The publisher can serve client adverts for a particular location, time of the day, gender or age groups.  

So take for example, a restaurant chain. For users in a certain region it might show breakfast options, an advert might be served promoting happy hour afterwork drinks for those of working age but a romantic dinner date image and wording aimed at a different demographic. 

Chris Sanderson, Director of Operations and Customer Support at National World Publishing Limited (formally JPI Media)  was an early adopter of DCO. He explains, “Personalization is the need of the hour. We continuously strive to improve ROI for our local advertisers and offering personalized adverts based on audience data helps us serve our clients better”.

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Dynamic advertising solutions by EKCS uses the publishers’ own data. Speak to creative production partners, EKCS, today to find out more about how dynamic advertising can work for you and your clients. 

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