In today’s world, it’s more difficult than ever for CMOs, Marketing Directors, Marketing VPs and Heads of Marketing to connect with potential customers and to differentiate their products and services. With the increase in digital advertising opportunities and social media outlets, marketing environments are becoming ever more crowded. 

Nowadays, large brands and companies are competing to gain extra seconds of attention from consumers and clients. This competition has led Marketing Leaders to drive more creative solutions from their external agencies and in-house agencies (IHA’s), to find an angle for their brand to resonate with their target audience in a new and exciting way.

Here are six areas to consider in brand promotion:

  1. Values – are they aligned to your brand? Branding is more than a logo – it’s about your message. First, check in with your own values: does the wording and imagery on your website, social media and marketing materials match up with those values? Look to make all your messages, images and website aligned.
  2. Outside supportNothing beats getting outside feedback from a branding expert. If it’s something you haven’t done before and you have the budget to do so, conduct a 360 of your brand strategy with an expert, and together align your next steps for your target audience.
  3. Is it time for a brand refresh? You want to catch the eye of your audience, but you also want to maintain their attention and have them remember your brand. Your business has visual elements that make it stand out from your competition. Use them to your advantage in your marketing efforts. Whether it is a logo, font, or color scheme, having it included can ensure your brand is instantly recognizable. On average, a company goes through a rebrand once every seven to ten years. Even Coca-Cola, has experienced corporate rebranding several times over its existence.
  4. On brand advertising Incorporating unique and creative visual elements into your ads is crucial to the success they will bring you. When advertising on social media, it’s important to refresh your creative often, so that it remains relevant and users aren’t seeing the same post more than once. Overall, you want to make sure your social adverts tell a cohesive story, and that the image aligns with the copy, which aligns with the CTA or link content, which should align with your branding.
  5. Integrate marketing channelsTo effectively reach your audience, you need consistent messaging. This means ensuring that your adverts are integrated across various platforms and delivering users the same message, regardless of the platform. We know each social media outlet has a different vibe and feel to it, so you need to take the time to get your digital efforts to match each site, while still maintaining a unique yet consistent voice for your brand. Ensure your campaign is aligned with your other marketing channels, as an integrated marketing campaign will get much better results than any single initiative.
  6. Personal level engagementOnce you’ve found your top customers, make your brand appealing by forging a relationship in the customer’s mind between their lives and your product. One effective strategy could be to create a personalized introduction video for your clients and customers, which makes them feel valued by the company individually.When an IHA invests time in the brand, they can create engaging promotional campaigns that communicate a brand’s vision, potential and value, to really stand out from the crowd.Time and resources often hinder effective marketing campaigns. EKCS works with large global brands, media companies and in-house agencies to help solve their production challenges. Why not find out how we can help you? 

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