Ever been on the defensive when a client or stakeholder complains in a meeting of yet another screw up on a campaign? Your only recourse is to bark back that the team has a great track record and other people like what they do… and, they have been super busy on that relaunch during an outbreak of Martian Flu. But imagine the situation if you’re tracking everything in real time. Wouldn’t you have a better answer then?

Living in the new media age, the success of any creative operations team depends a lot on how it is able to draw, process and decode data from various sources. Successful reporting and analytics go beyond the accumulation of the data itself. With the wide spectrum of reporting techniques available, it empowers management with valuable data that support them in making intelligent business decisions.

In a successful Creative Ops setup, creative production and reporting go hand in hand. Production reports help project managers to keep clients and stakeholders updated on the latest and be on the same page. This is where one gets to know the latest developments, criticality, and risks related to a creative project.

A lot of creative teams nowadays are making a transition from the manual way of generating reports to automation. The strong requirement for a well organized, cost and time efficient tool is the main driving force behind automating reports.

Automated reporting can be used to sum up risks, issues, milestones and process summary in an intuitive and easy to share format. These periodical reports can be incorporated into the creative project workspace and project managers can easily generate it the moment they want.

After learning the nuances and processes of the creative industry through our extensive experience, we have built Mediaferry, a creative workflow cloud solution. It comes with a customizable reporting module called SmartReports that is loaded with features that publishers, agencies and in-house teams can use to make the right decisions, at the right time. Also, we keep updating Mediaferry to include the latest updates to meet the ever-evolving media industry requirements of our clients.

Some of the significant benefits of SmartReports are:

Increase Productivity

The number one reason to automate reporting is to save time. Most publishers, brands, and agencies spend their valuable time in accumulating data and making reports manually. SmartReports enable you and your team to set up customized reports to access data automatically for making faster marketing decisions. This, in turn, provides your team the opportunity to channel their focus on data analysis- which is the vital element to take your creative operations to the next level.

SmartReports can be used to provide a top-level analysis of the health of your creative production lifecycle, as well. It tells the project managers, clients as well as the stakeholders about open issues or any missed milestones. This helps in taking preventive actions to rectify the problems in time.

Presentation Ready

One of the biggest “WOW!” moments is when you can communicate with your stakeholders with data presented in a simple and effective way. SmartReports provides easy access from where, the production managers, stakeholders, and clients can analyze creative production data along with the rest of their marketing data. These meaningful and easy-to-consume reports can further be configured and shared through emails, public links or as downloadable PDF files.

Real-time Access and Accuracy

One of the hardest parts about manually assembling reports is that you have to collate old creative data from different sources. It takes a massive amount of time to accumulate these data sources when it is not automated.

SmartReports can collate data from different sources in real time and efficient manner. Since copying and pasting sections of data is eliminated therefore you can bid adieu to the stress of human error, as well. You and your clients’ data is automatically and meticulously accumulated for you, without any errors.

Transparency and Accessibility

SmartReports Dashboards are customizable to ensure that precise data is accessible to everybody involved in the creative project, at the same time. This all reduces the chances of miscommunication.

With our technology solution, the data is available all the time within the custom reports saved by you with selected metadata defined by you. So whenever you need to recall the same report, you can access it with just a click. You can also edit the report to include new metadata ranges as per your requirement.


We can’t deny the fact that the expense of the resources involved in consolidating data is a lot greater than automating the creative production or campaign process. Manual reporting not only eats into your team’s time and productivity, but it also increases your overall costs. These expenses can be easily cut by automating all your reporting responsibilities and give time to your team to focus on increasing quality and efficiency.

Closing Thoughts

Reporting is a feature that increases insight and transparency between you and your client’s relationships at the same time as reducing administrative costs. Therefore, generating reports should not be the cause of any annoyance and loss of a creative team’s productivity.

In case reporting grind is exhausting your creative team, too? – Switch to SmartReports

It’s an automated reporting tool that keeps a track of the whole creative process with its predefined milestones. These reports save you valuable time and help you in focusing on value-added business activities. It provides real-time access to social campaigns results or let you easily track creative production progress, which you can share with stakeholders in an extensive manner.

Click on the link and check out our step by step framework to build customizable SmartReports to provide you with actionable data for all of your creative production processes!

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