Leo Tolstoy once wrote ‘The two most powerful warriors are patience and time’. Both are needed in the busy world of advertising operations.

The main goal of any digital advertising operation is to ensure a great campaign is launched on time, on brand and on budget. While the end result might look simple, it masks a complex process of tasks. Ad specification, inventory management, creative briefs, communications, reporting, amends, and sign-offs. If any one step gets missed or delayed, the entire campaign can be affected.

If it can be automated, it probably should be automated! 

Automating advertising operations can bring significant benefits. Weekly, it can save a significant number of man-hours and bring cost-efficiency. There are additional benefits, as automating the process can also: 

Improve the productivity and efficiency of the Ad Ops team 

  • Enhance the campaign’s accuracy by eliminating probability of human errors
  • Enable stakeholders to view the campaign status at any time
  • Provide accessibility of campaign’s current status to all stakeholders 
  • Allow customization according to business requirements 

Abhishek Jindal is a Digital Solutions Consultant at EKCS, helping our global media clients to automate and optimize their digital ad operations. Based on his experience, he recommends automating these three tasks: 

1. Chasing the creative – This is still a major challenge for sales and operations teams, who spend a lot of time sending reminders to their clients to deliver their creatives and liaising with multiple stakeholders. Automation can see this process streamlined, using email notification that triggers automatically based on the campaign publishing date. A smart system with real-time email notifications and deadline alerts enhances the process and saves time and resources for both the publisher and the advertiser.

2. Proofing and approvals – Sending creative proofs to clients, tracking changes and receiving approvals via email is another time-consuming job that automation speeds up. Automated proofing systems enable creative teams to share proofs with their clients as soon as the job is ready. Approvals can then be collated from stakeholders in real time. Automations provide additional transparency in the form of version history, comprising of comments to ensure that each item of feedback is acknowledged and processed.

3. Ad trafficking – Trafficking is one of the major tasks for an ad ops professional. It consists of many manual tasks from creating ads, uploading and assigning creatives, targeting, preview / tearsheet generation to pacing the campaigns. All of these repetitive steps are time-consuming, adding onto the cost incurred by the business. By automating this process, the efficiency of an ad ops team is enhanced through the automated creation of orders, uploading creatives and managing campaigns based on the campaign metadata. Advanced systems can also offer bulk upload and detection of errors with direct-to-ad server imports.

Solve other workflow challenges

Other areas worth automating include reporting – a vital part of any advertising campaign. Automated ad campaign reports, with real-time performance data, enable stakeholders to take strategic decisions. Smart workflow systems integrate with your ad-servers to fetch real-time data and create campaign performance reports based on inbuilt templates or customized dashboards. These reports can then be easily shared with stakeholders using automated email. 

With many campaigns running simultaneously, it is often a challenge for ad ops professionals to manage campaigns and track obstacles or challenges that may hinder the campaign’s  performance. With the use of API’s and tracking algorithms, all these steps can be automated in a single system which continuously monitors all your campaigns round the clock. 

MediaFerry is an award-winning, cloud-based workflow management solution developed by EKCS. It enables our clients to order, create, track, proof, approve and publish advertising campaigns effectively and cost-efficiently. Companies in North America and Europe use MediaFerry to streamline their advertising production, campaign management and creative operations. 

If you’re looking to automate your creative production workflow, contact us today.

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