Last week we were subjected to our regular scrutiny from the visiting ISO 9001 auditors. We have a 100% track record in reaching accreditation first time every six months, so tension was high to make sure we do it again.

So while the external consultants were doing their final audit checks at our Gurgaon production facility, I wondered about the importance of having ISO standards. Speaking to Manmeet Singh, our Account Director, I learned that the awarding of ISO certification proves the health of the way we operate. It’s a very real symbol to us and our clients that we embrace the right, internationally recognized methods of achieving consistent quality of service.

It’s a thorough process. The external auditors who we engaged with embarked on a two day long evaluation process starting with initial discussion and pre-audit assessment checks, followed by documentation reviews in all departments to verify adherence to Quality Management Standards, and understand the quality manuals and procedures that are being followed across the business.

Achieving it would be an important milestone for us, as it shows our continued commitment towards our customers, employees and all stakeholders.

So, did we pass first time again? Yes – our head of process picked up the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate yesterday.

To ensure that we work towards improving the quality of our services while following compliance measures consistently in the future, we have decided to continue performing our own internal audits for all existing and new customers. These internal audits are performed quarterly and are in addition to the external audits performed by ISO on a bi-annual basis. So this allows us to understand valuable feedback from time to time and be able to take corrective measures, whenever needed.

So this means no more nail biting – we’ll always comply at each check because ISO 9001 is fully part of the way we work all the time.

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