Express KCS Inc., an independent provider of multi-platform creative production services, has formed a Design Research and Innovation Cell aimed at creating an internal framework for design improvement across all design platforms from print, digital and mobile. Headed by Vijaybahu Joshi, VP & Country Design Head at Express KCS, Design Cell will act as the internal research and auditing arm of the organization.

Design Cell will conduct extensive research into Express KCS’s existing service offerings, identify best practices in the domain of communication design, develop design improvement quality programs for customers and perform regular audits. In addition, Design Cell will conduct training programs for Express KCS’ internal design teams across its three service delivery centers in India, in order to continue to innovate and service the evolving requirements of clients in the brand owner, agency and publishing sectors.

Vijaybahu Joshi said:

“The formation of Design Cell deepens our commitment to deliver first time right design solutions to our customers. The primary goal is to research design methodologies and identify scientific graphic design processes to create an internal framework for the visceral measurement of any design product, be it print or digital. By eliminating non-productive design thinking this will improve the efficiency and speed of our design processes.”


About Express KCS:

Express KCS Inc. is a global, independent provider of creative production solution across print, online, mobile and video platforms. The company provides print and digital advertisement production, creative design, pre-media, editorial support services, website and app development, and video post production for brand owners, retailers, newspaper and magazine publishers, agencies and partners in North America and Europe. Express KCS is ISO 9001 certified and employs 600 people across three production centers in India. For more information visit


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Marketing and Communications Leader

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