The start of the New Year is now a distant memory but our designers are still working to keep pace with their New Year resolutions. We approached a number of our creatives and asked them to share what they are hoping to accomplish this year. Here’s a selection of the most inspiring resolutions:

  • Umeish Thorat from Creative studio: “In 2015 I would like to explore the world and find inspiration from unexplored places. Then use those experiences to understand what truly inspires me to make things every day. At the end of the day, I love designing.”

  • Masood Ahmad from Layout & Pre-media: “I think the only way to get better at design is to think even deeper than before and then execute with perfection. That’s my resolution for this year.”

  • Naveen Gupta from the Print-Production Department: “I’m passionate about design and always strive for excellence which consumes time and effort. This year I intend to create even better designs while still meeting our overnight ad production deadlines.”

  • Izhar Khan, a Senior Visualizer said: “I like designing on different platforms and my New Year’s resolution is to experiment with new technologies so I can contribute more towards our ad adaptation services.”

  • Digvijay Tyagi in Digital Advertising said: “My 2015 New Years’ resolution is to come up with ideas that help our clients solve today’s digital advertising production challenges.”

  • Abdul Khaliq in Video Post-production said: “I’m not big on resolutions, but I do intend to focus more on enhancing my conceptualization skills this year. I am sure this strategy will help me improve my visualization in the near future”.

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