With the ever-increasing tempo of expectations each year and highly competitive creative landscape, creative teams are undergoing the pressure to not just produce quantity, but also quality. However, only some creative teams are confident enough to combat production challenges.

Augmenting creative production hassles like unorganized processes and weak cross-team communication is only causing more time being spent on understanding a project scope instead of creating it, eventually resulting in unsatisfactory performance and major project delays.

Collaboration undoubtedly is the major creative production bottleneck for agile creative operations!

A healthy beneficial creative team-client collaboration is not just about sharing each morning status report. Rather both the teams involved have to speak the same language and think in one language too to reach the common goal while overcoming the cultures, languages and time zone differences!

To be precise, creative team-client collaboration is an ideal amalgamation of creativity & flexibility and an optimum balance of solving differences with dependency on each other to deliver collective profitable solutions.

The benefits of collaboration are substantial and deeper collaborative alliances can result in enhanced customer retention and sales.

Why is collaboration worth it? — Some facts

  • A study by McKinsey proved that almost 30% of the increase in productivity is achieved through a collaborative way of work and knowledge sharing tools. (like, Mediaferry)

  • One more survey by Deloitte / Ipsos came up with the conclusion that “Digital collaboration tools are the best strategy to make employees feel valued and happy in their jobs”

However, in spite of all the buzz around the world, collaboration is still rarely understood and poorly implemented. It is undoubtedly an unachieved goal on paper but hardly practiced. As per the 2019 In-House Creative Management Report, effective collaboration amidst creative teams and marketing teams is vital for success. However, as companies grow their in-house creative teams, creative and marketing departments still struggle to maintain a balance.

Few findings of the report:

  • Only 45% of creatives say that morale on their team is high

  • 46% of creatives say they don’t get adequate info on the creative brief and 72% of creatives report that “obtaining the necessary info to get started on a project” is the major administrative task that consumes time that could be better spent in being creative

  • 48% of creatives spend 1 full day a week or more on administrative tasks. That’s up 34% from last year, and 22% are spending an astonishing 10+ hours a week on non-creative tasks

The major challenge today is to triumph over these obstacles through a collaborative effort and that also without any temporary fix. And one small step is automation that can very well deliver astounding fruitful results!

Automation – Tool to crack the collaboration bottleneck!

Think of a culture that prioritizes transparency over secrecy and sharing info without restraint over just storing it? Automation is fundamentally about the unobstructed flow of info, encouraging enough support, communication, and understanding between the two teams for paving the way to a collective profitable result.

Enhanced collaboration has a major influence on productivity for sure! As, when the decision-making process gets uncomplicated with the streamlined workflow, segregated roles, from international stakeholders to marketing teams and local creative teams, everything gets balanced and nothing goes haywire.

Implementing automation tools and processes to beat the stumbling blocks in the whole creative production process, for example streamlining briefing or review and approval cycle to distribution can provide major relief to the creative teams struggling to reach scalability.

Is your creative team suffering from collaboration hassles too, then MediaFerry is surely meant for you!

You can empower your creative team with our intuitive and user-friendly workflow management system MediaFerry that fosters stronger collaboration and facilitate communication between clients and business stakeholders to streamline each step of your creative project.

How MediaFerry can help you in transforming creative collaboration?

Streamlines job creation

Missing info is the number one reason for stress between teams in the creative execution. Also, if job request info is distributed across various sources (email, chat, etc.), it can be really hard to collect it and assemble it fast at one place.

With MediaFerry, you can create various jobs and invite just the right people to collaborate and create a transparent relationship of collaboration between the requestor and the production team, saving effort and production time, in return.

Transparency in tracking the job’s progress

Further, you can track the progress of the project by checking the status of your project marked, for example, in production, waiting for approval, etc, to meet your predefined project timeline, on time!

Facilitates consistent communication to keep confusion at bay

MediaFerry keeps all the communication related to a project in one place so that when a new member is on board, it’s easy to scale up the project by going through the past communication in the form of comments.

MediaFerry also lets you automate notifications so that the right stakeholder or team member can keep a track of the appropriate communications at the right time.

Deliver projects faster through a streamlined approval process

MediaFerry lets creative teams gather actionable feedback on several projects running simultaneously en route to their final approval and publication. The software supports the creative workflow management process by ensuring all creative teams and clients are on the same page about their concerns or suggestions being addressed, from ideation to completion!

Try it yourself!

To combat creative production challenges, ranging from unorganized processes to collaboration, embrace technology and implement automation tools like MediaFerry that can speed up business growth.

MediaFerry is developed particularly for the needs of creative project management. It offers features like review and approval functions, automated briefing, reporting and analytics, job creation and time management and many more.

To know more about how MediaFerry can benefit your creative team and clients by bringing them together and removing the barriers between them, contact us at enquiries@ekcs.co or visit MediaFerry.

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