2013 has been a great year for EKCS and couldn’t have ended better than the ‘Happy Holiday’ video, which received some great comments. Directed and produced entirely by our video team, and with the input of one of our production studios, we lift the lid on how the video was created in a super quick turnaround.

Following the success of the Bollywood themed video last year we wanted to make our people the stars of the show this time. Our CEO had a clear vision from the start about showing a typical “day in the life” at EKCS. He wanted to get over the breadth of what we do for our customers and show the real people who make it happen. The challenge would be in getting this across in less than two minutes!

The aim was to capture the natural flow of people coming into our Gurgaon HQ and film them while they work. We debated the different ways we could get this across during our planning meetings and passed the ideas to a professional scriptwriter to come up with the look and feel we wanted to achieve.

The script and storyboard provided the direction to take for the shots and camera angles, such as shooting the time lapse of the clock in the studio and capturing the red wall which would morph into a Christmas tree.

The storyboard focused on one of our publishing client’s production team who would be filmed as they arrived at the studio to start their shift. Static cameras were installed on the production floor and other key points in the building. As the cameras rolled we filmed people going about the course of their jobs during the day making sure the cameras weren’t too intrusive so as not to hamper production deadlines.

With such a short time frame to end-shoot and edit the video and with other customer projects also being handled by the video team, there were more than a few challenges and a few late nights!

Several retakes had to be done almost five or six times, and the text had to be changed to sync with the video slides. Hours and hour’s worth of footage were filmed over a 24 hour period which were compressed into the video using time-lapse effects to show the progression of a typical day.

The first rough hack ended up about 12-minutes after taking out repetitions of the same shoot. When we started editing, there were additional multiple editing changes requested by our CEO who likes to keep a close eye on these things! Over the course of next two days, we worked through the edits to refine the story, include the 2013 statistics over the top, add the music and incorporate footage sequences.

As with any corporate video a real challenge is making sure that the film is fully in line with the company’s brand identity. We therefore worked alongside the brand design team to supply the supporting graphics and ensure that the EKCS brand usage was replicated perfectly both in color and tone to arrive at the final result.

Making this video was a total team effort between all of us sharing ideas and contributing to the script. We were confident that the end result would be of high quality and good taste. And just like that, we planned, shot, edited, and published a video in just 48 hours!

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